Website and marketing strategies not quite working as planned?

Does it seem like no one is listening on your social media despite your efforts?

Think your competitors are getting a larger piece of the pie?

Tired of trying to learn ever changing marketing trends?

Feel like your website was a waste of money?

Staying in business is hard enough.

Turning a small business into a successful big business, is no easier.

Don't be held back by poor website and marketing strategies.

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Differentiate your brand so your clients are drawn to your unique style and story

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Build brand awareness with ease so your reputation precedes you

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Increase your market share with marketing techniques used by the world's top brands

Hey! I'm Deirdre.

I don't just care about your marketing.
I care about your business.

If you're like I used to be - you have a love hate relationship with marketing. You're so busy, the last thing in the world you care about is your marketing and advertising. The truth is, when I started my business, I wasn't a marketer. I get how complicated and time consuming it can be. So I made it my business to become an expert at it. And now I demystify and simplify marketing for business owners to help them get more clients and make more money.

StoryBrand Certified Guide Kilkenny Ireland

StoryBrand Certified Guide

StoryBrand Guides are considered the best marketers in the world. Clarifying messaging, so clients pay attention and take action.

Network Ireland Kilkenny Business Woman Of The Year 2022 Deirdre Martin Marketing

Award-Winning Business

Recognised as having established incredible brand awareness, profitability and client success

Customer Experience 4 International Best Seller Deirdre Martin Author Kilkenny

International Best-Selling Author

Customer Experience is a marketing strategy that many overlook. Clients come because of marketing and stay because of experience

Women In Customer Experience, WiCX Community Leader Deirdre Martin Marketing Consultant

Customer Experience Certified

Supporting companies with customer experience strategies usually only available to large multi-nationals

Grow your business in 3 simple steps

Marketing and website strategies to grow your business

Identify the gaps in your marketing and create a strategy to fill them


Whether it’s your website, social media marketing strategies or sales funnels, we’ll revamp them so they convert


Rejuvenate your visibility by proudly sharing your revamped materials to increase brand awareness and market share

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  • Better marketing starts with better words. 
  • Clarify your marketing message, so your clients listen and take action.
  • Get a cohesive brand message that gets more of your ideal clients to respond.


Incredible Value

Ultimate VIP Experience

  • Get everything in the premium package plus the VIP treatment
  • 12 months of ongoing website and social media marketing strategy, support, accountability and whatever else you need to build your brand awareness and increase your market share
  • Exclusive access to events, online courses and more to help you grow your business faster and easier


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  • Get the basics, plus a review of your marketing strategy and style.
  • Revamp your website and social media for a consistent and professional look and feel that drive growth
  • Benefit from practical tips and advice so you can achieve the growth you want quickly and profitably.


Your success is my success.

What will your success look like?

Within 2 days of posting the content Deirdre helped me create, I had 2 new sales call and both converted.

Paddy CarrollQuantity Surveyor

After working with Deirdre my sales grew 150% year on year - in fact it was the best year in my business since 2016.

Kathryn O'SheaPhotographer

After I worked with Deirdre on my brand and marketing, I had the best launch yet in my business.

Lucy GernonExecutive Coach

Why you need to hire a website and marketing strategist.

Deirdre Martin Marketing Strategist Dublin

I know you want to distinguish your company and be known as an industry leader. To do that, you want simple marketing strategies that you can quickly implement to help grow your business, like – a website that converts.

The problem is you don’t know who to trust to take your marketing from amateurish to impressive, and you don’t want to be a little fish in a big marketing agency.

Because I believe so much in the power of customer experience as a growth strategy, that’s what you can expect when you add my team and me to yours. You deserve marketing support from someone who cares about your success.

The frameworks I use are not the latest trendy marketing tool… They are THE proven marketing process for driving and sustaining growth in your company.

Perhaps your company is stuck in a rut, and you need to create ways to get it growing again that I haven’t listed here.

That’s ok.

There’s no one size fits all. Get in touch today.

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